Thursday, May 17, 2012

2012 - 2013 Tentative Schedule

Here is a look at Michigan State's 2012 - 2013 full tentative schedule

All games Fri-Sat unless otherwise noted:


Mon. 8th -  vs. Windsor (ex.)
12th - at Minnesota
13th - at Minnesota
19th - vs. Niagara
20th - vs. Niagara
26th - at LSSU
27th - at LSSU


2nd - vs. Bowling Green
3rd - at Bowling Green
9th - at Michigan
10th - vs. Michigan
16th - at Miami
17th - at Miami
30th - vs. Ohio State


1st - vs. Ohio State
7th - at Notre Dame
8th - at Notre Dame
14th - at Ferris State
15th - vs. Ferris State

28th - GLI (Western)  @ Comerica Park
29th - GLI (Tech/Michigan)  @ Comerica Park


11th vs. Notre Dame
12th vs. Notre Dame
18th vs. Ferris State
19th at Ferris State
Tues. 22nd - vs. USA Development Program (ex.)
25th - vs. Penn State
26th - vs. Penn State


1st - at Michigan
2nd - vs. Michigan @ Joe Louis Arena
8th - at Bowling Green
9th - vs. Bowling Green
15th - vs. Northern Michigan
16th - vs. Northern Michigan
22nd - at Alaska
23rd - at Alaska


1st - vs. Western Michigan
2nd - vs. Western Michigan

8th - 11th - CCHA First Round (at Campus Sites)
15th - 18th - CCHA Quarterfinal Round (at Campus Sites)
22nd - 23rd - CCHA Championships (at Joe Louis Arena)
29th - 31st - NCAA Regionals


11th & 13th - NCAA Frozen Four (Pittsburgh, PA)

Quick Thoughts:

MSU is in a "cluster" this season with Notre Dame, Bowling Green, Michigan, and Ferris State. I'm a little surprised Notre Dame doesn't look like they want to do a home and home, since it seems like in the past that has always happened when they were in the same cluster. The final year in the CCHA certainly has a Big 10 flavor as MSU will face everyone but Wisconsin.

The two things that really jump out is - the first half of the schedule looks brutal on paper, and once again there are a ton of home games in January. Starting in Minnesota won't be easy, and Niagara's prgoram has been solid over the years (which includes some NCAA appearances). Plus with road games to LSSU, Notre Dame, Miami, and Michigan - MSU will be thrown into the fire pretty quickly.

Also, someone may need to correct me here, but I don't recall MSU ever playing games as late as December 15th prior to the winter break. It seems like in recent years, MSU is done the first weekend of December. I haven't seen a CCHA composite schedule yet though, so this could be a league thing. This certainly could help for the GLI - which will showcase nothing but Michigan teams as Western is the fourth team this season.

MSU also finishes with five of its last seven at home. That should provide the opportunity to really build momentum into the post season. The only thing that sort of stinks is they'll be making that long trip out to Alaska pretty late this year.

Lastly, when was the last time MSU didn't play over Thanksgiving? I'm sure that will be a great break for the team after facing Michigan & Miami in back to back weekends, as well as give the team a chance to go back home for the holiday.

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  1. The last time MSU played a post Dec. 15 game (not the GLI) was in the 2008/09 season --- one to forget --- on Dec. 16. It's a bad sign when you fall to USNDTP 4-2 at home.

    In 2009/10, MSU played the second of two against Bowling green on Dec. 11, but that's as close is they've come in non-exhibition play they've had for awhile.