Monday, March 4, 2013

Season Recap

The CCHA season is over. Now let's look back at how completely awesome (read: terrible) my preseason power rankings were in comparison to reality. While I wouldn't say these were my official predictions, we will just pretend that they were. I will own up to them too...

Preseason Rankings

1. Western Michigan
2. Michigan
3. Notre Dame
4. Michigan State
5. Miami
6. Ferris State
7. Northern Michigan
9. Ohio State
10. Alaska
11. Bowling Green


1. Miami
2. Notre Dame
3. Western Michigan
4. Ohio State
5. Ferris State
6. Alaska
7. Michigan
9. Bowling Green
10. Northern Michigan
11. Michigan State


1. Miami (Predicted: 5th). Yeah. Sorry. Swing & a miss.

2. Notre Dame (Predicted: 3rd). Not bad, and had it not been for MSU, the Irish would have finished 3rd.

3. Western Michigan (Predicted: 1st). Again, not bad. Western was just two points out on the final day of the season.

4. Ohio State (Predicted: 9th). Ouch #2. This one is for my fellow Big Ten blogger - Deadly Nuts. Sorry for not believing in the Buckeyes. Don't screw it up though in the playoffs. And to my credit, I did say that 9th was probably too low.

5. Ferris State (Predicted: 6th). Close. Alaska was only 3 points behind.

6. Alaska (Predicted: 10th). Ouch #3. I guess I'm 50/50 at being "close" up to this point. Though, to my credit, I said if they improved in the lower 48, they would be better than my 10th place prediction. They did well in the month of January away from home.

7. Michigan (Predicted: 2nd). As a Spartan, I should have known better than picking Michigan 2nd. Though, they are playing like it now.

8. LSSU (Predicted: 8th). Excuse me for a second....

9. Bowling Green (Predicted: 11th). Yeah - not close enough. Bowling Green was a surprise this year, and they really were playing some strong hockey through the middle of the season.

10. Northern Michigan (Predicted: 7th). Yeah - I can never figure out Northern Michigan. They could be a tough series for Michigan.

11. Michigan State (Predicted: 4th). Big whiffer! Ah well, I gotta be a homer from time to time.

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  1. I'm pretty sure I picked Michigan State 8th last season, so we're even lol. Playing in Columbus hasn't seemed to bother Ferris State the last few seasons. This series gives me a bad case of the nerves.

    P.S. Loving the Myposian dance of joy.