Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Updates & Corrections

First a quick update - the blog that was linked over on the left known as "A Beautiful Day For Football" has upped their game and rolled into a new blog Shaw Lane Spartans. They did reach out to me asking if I would guest blog once in awhile in regards to hockey - I never did give them an official yes, but I will probably chime in from time to time. Don't worry though, I will continue to use this as my main blogging source.

A blogger's correction:

In one of my many Monday posts, I mentioned that Jeff Lerg gave up 13 goals in his final two games wearing the Spartan uniform - suggesting that it was a bit odd considering the wonderful career he had at Michigan State that included the 2007 national championship. One thing that I neglected to mention, because I had completely forgotten about it, was that Jeff Lerg played the entire series with a torn ACL. And if my memory serves me right - he actually played the last part of that season (or the last few weeks) with that same injury.

This certainly meant that Lerg was not 100% at the end of the season and possibly part of the reason Northern was so successful against him.

It still doesn't take away anything from his career at Michigan State which ranks right up there with some of the best goalies that MSU has ever had.

Thanks to MunnScuba on the Munn Message Board at Spartanmag.com for reminding me.

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