Monday, October 15, 2012

Short Term Memory Loss - Focus Moves To Niagara

Rough weekend.

You really cannot sugarcoat a weekend in which you lose by a combine score of 12-2, so let's not try. We learned two things... well not really, but two things were pretty much confirmed: Minnesota is really, really good, and Michigan State has a long way to go.

The good news is this really could be the best team MSU sees all season, but you can't really just say that and ignore what happened. The key now will be to see how Michigan State rebounds against Niagara.

I guess MSU fans feel a little like Wile E. Coyote after that weekend

But it is only two games, so as long as MSU looks to and continues to improve, this weekend will become a distant memory. 

A Look Ahead:

Michigan State welcomes the Niagara Purple People Eaters into town this weekend. They are 1-1-1 on the year with a tie against Bowling Green (2-2), a loss at Colgate (10-2), and a win against Mercyhurst (2-1). So the goal becomes clear - score three goals each night.

The Purple Eagles begin a four game road swing here in East Lansing - they are at Clarkson next weekend. A series like this could go a long ways come March (should that become a factor). Basically, win as many non-conference games as possible, and this is another chance for MSU to do it. Niagara has six players with two points leading the way early on, but senior Giancarlo Iuorio leads the team with a pair of goals. They have used three goals in four games, but junior Carson Chubak has started in two games, and he is 1-0-1 this year allowing just three goals on 62 shots. 

The all-time series is a deep and rich one between these two schools........ they have played just two games, but the rivalry is fierce as the all-time series is tied 1-1. They played back in 2002 where Niagara won the opening night at Munn before MSU salvaged a split with an overtime victory the next night. 

Both games are on at 7:05 pm, and Friday night's contest is on Comcast TV.

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