Monday, February 13, 2012

Inside The Rankings, Krug Honored, and Nanooks Attack

Michigan State moved up one spot in the poll to #16. The Spartans finally passed Ohio State in the poll. I guess sweeping them two weeks ago wasn't enough. The CCHA is well represented in this poll. Ferris State earned the #1 ranking, up from #6, after crushing Notre Dame this weekend. Michigan stayed in the top 5, though they dropped a spot to #5. Outside of that Notre Dame fell to #13, Ohio State is #17, Western Michigan is #18 (ignore the fact the Broncos are in second place in the CCHA), Miami is #19, and Northern Michigan rounds out the top 20. LSSU is just on the outside in the other votes category (#22).

The USA Today Poll wasn't quite as kind putting MSU just on the outside at #16 (first in the other votes category). Ferris State was voted #1 in this poll as well. Michigan came in 5th, and Notre Dame came in 13th. Ohio State, Miami, Northern Michigan, and Western Michigan all received votes.

MSU moved up to 18th in the power rankings. has a vote in the USA Today Poll, though only the top 15 make that poll.

Throw some goalie pads on Krug - he probably can do that too....

 Torey Krug was named the CCHA Defensemen of the week last week. This is one week after he earned the offensive player of the week. I say we give Palmisano & Yanakeff the weekend off, let Krug throw the goalie pads on and go for the February hat trick. Who is with me?!!

Look out for the Nanooks

And that we bring our attention to the Nanooks. Alaska comes into the weekend in 10th place in the CCHA. Alaska has already been eliminated from home ice. With two games remaining, the Nanooks sit six points behind Miami, Northern, and Notre Dame. Even if Alaska sweeps Michigan State, and Miami, Notre Dame, and Northern Michigan all get swept in their two series, the Nanooks can't finish higher than 9th.

In that situation, they would all be tied for 7th place. Miami and Notre Dame would have 11 conference wins, Northern would have 9, and Alaska would have 10. As a result, Alaska would finish ahead of only Bowling Green and Northern. Shoot-out wins don't factor into the tiebreaker, just regulation & OT wins. So basically, Alaska really isn't playing for anything this weekend.

If Alaska was swept this weekend, and Bowling Green won out, the Nanooks would finish in last place. However, Bowling Green is playing at #1 Ferris State this weekend and hosts #5 Michigan next weekend, so let's assume that Ferris or Michigan will earn at least one point in one of those four games.

However, the Nanooks shouldn't be overlooked. Although they are just 11-15-4 overall, they have beaten Western Michigan (in K-Zoo), LSSU, Notre Dame, Michigan, and Ferris State this season. Though only one of those were on the road.  Alaska is 3-6-3 on the road this year (Western, BGSU - 2 times are the wins)

Though it's tough to dislike a team that is capable of producing hilarious and epic videos such as these (ignoring the attack on Spartan Stadium)

I'm not sure what is accomplished by blowing up the planet Earth - it would mean less hockey afterall...... We all can't afford to fly to Pluto.

From North Carolina, #23 ..... Michael Jordan!!!! Oh sorry, the music had me going. This of course is the original- You have to love how the relative size of the bear changes quite frequently. One minute it's the size of Jupiter, the next it's the size of Anchorage. Even though I've never been, I'm guessing it's not the size of Jupiter. Then again, I suppose if I had a giant blue flame shooting out of my ...... well... I'd be upset too.

Now this one isn't MSU related - it's Miami(NTM)   (that stands for Miami, Not That Miami) related. I think Alaska would be in favor of more road games if this bear keeps destroying the stadium roof like this every week.

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