Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Major Announcement Coming Thursday From The NHL

NHL Announcement From Comerica & Michigan Stadium

The NHL is going to announce "something" tomorrow at Comerica Park & Michigan Stadium. It's no secret now that the NHL wants to try to break the all-time attendance record (around 108k - set by MSU & Michigan last season) for a hockey game. The belief is the 2013 Winter Classic will be taking place at Michigan Stadium between the Detroit Red Wings and  Toronto Maple Leafs.

One of the sticking points appeared to be Mike Illitch's desire to hold such an event in downtown Detroit, where he is well known for making investments, by keeping the Tigers downtown, and even potentially looking to build a new arena for the Red Wings downtown. So, it was believed that he wanted this event to occur at Comerica Park.

In exchange, it is thought that the 2012 GLI (along with the Winter Classic Alumni Game) will take place at Comerica Park. I guess we'll find out for sure at 10:30 am tomorrow.

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